For the poetry enthusiasts and those who enjoy eccentric thought processes


tonight I will rock myself to sleep in a giddy ecstasy

because for once the stars captured in my jar; 

my share of the universe shines

ever so bright



it was just a small moment in the train today

but you brought me whizzing through a tunnel of 

filmy memories


with new truths you

constructed a new reality of the world i

had to leave behind


and these accumulated lego bricks 

constitute the universe you live by 


the nature of tragedies

Tragedies slice the air in hushed whispers

and newspaper headings glare with a sad glow that blinds

Eyebrows frown and lips droop down

The occasional tear is shed

Sympathetic grimaces last

too quickly as we obliterate from our lives the fleeting distractions from our immediate path

Dead bodies and broken bones littered along the sidelines of our journey fade into an

extinguished existence in our heads

People who deserve to be remembered 

make their mark in minds,


Only the ones who hold them dear save

every last fibre in their hearts


I am spinning in a world of mistakes 

with crushed paper balls for cotton candy clouds and skies stained blue with storybook tears 

The grass is emerald green shards of smashed beer bottles with gentle blades that draw blood 

And alcohol runs deep and never dry

The muddy earth is the gory decay of living souls and the path of footprints for unweighted existences 

Bruised brown like soft fruit with dents in our minds and holes in our hearts 


been to the airport too many times in

too few days

and i guess the notion of departure is starting to

set in my veins

the thoughts are leaving me in accelerated streams

and i can only watch the threads of consciousness tangle

and shake me 


they don’t fly away like

blue and white aeroplanes but they

make for a good turbulence of my soul



Time and time and time again I say I am afraid of change:

I really am

I don’t want the skin overlying my bones to become so unrecognisable that those

who have touched me and loved me in darker days

don’t see the imperfections of a double helix

but only glaze the skin of velvet and speak of a 

foreign concept called ‘flawlessness’


I don’t want my dead shadows to lie behind me in a trail of

shed snakeskin

For me to pick up all my past selves and

find the way back home after the glamour fades away

Slithering into drains and gutters beneath polished heels

The shine of concealed sweat behind iron grilles


communication these days is the hope that

you will believe the words my fingers speak

because my fingerprints create more diverse worlds than the

sphere of my soul

the happiness really is surging in my heart

but I just have to find back the joy that

never belonged to me



This is why people drown themselves in words and words and words until the meanings that they delegate themselves overwhelm them and all that is left of their soul is an empty, broken spine of a story with all its pages ripped out. This is why people are obsessed with making others laugh because they convince themselves that the full, round sound of joy that purely rings can deflect the wall of pain they are building inside their armour. This is why people are strong because the moment a teardrop slips out of their eyes the torrents of weakness will rage a war. This is why people smile and suppress the pain inside because an uplifted grimace is the simplest defence to conceal the searing cries digging out their humanity inside.


We all want to get away from this life.

the stars that struck you and them

I think I might be quite literally
Adrenaline injected into my veins and
bass exploding in my chest
Trying to suppress a heart swelling with excitement and
I was rambling unintelligibly to starry smiles in the
dead of night
But don’t think for one moment that I forgot
the one who brought me here
Rough patches smoothed over with a renewed friendship and
a shared experience to never forget
Tonight you glowed in your passion and your trials
Tonight we are both untouchable


Maybe the air remembers my presence

A static frame in time when my human form stole their oxygen

And a million collisions exploded against flesh and bone

The impenetrable shadow of a soul


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