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Month: March, 2013


  Sometimes I wonder, have I ever seen the people I know now before I knew them? As in, perhaps I ever saw one of my friends before i became acquainted with them, but at that time, i didn’t know them yet. It can be pretty cool, walking the streets and looking at strangers’ faces, not knowing which one of them you might get to know in the future. But then again, if I really got to know them, I wouldn’t remember that I ever saw them, which is sad. Even brief histories deserve to be remembered. I’m probably the only person who thinks so much about too many things. What is wrong with me hahaha.:P

  There’s this life cycle of knowing people that is true, but rather sad. I might have heard it form somewhere,or maybe my weird brain just came up with it one fine day.

  People start with being strangers, and perhaps a close encounter brings them to the next level of friends. And so on for some people, maybe. But in the end, people inevitably drift apart, no matter how close they might once have been. And they are strangers again.

  Why does fate bring people together, if they are to be apart in the end?

  I guess no one knows. Fate is perhaps too complex a force for us to understand.



  Fifteen. I don’t recall ever counting so many stars in Singapore. A pessimistic thought crept in- maybe they’re just satellites. But then again, even satellites require effort to be seen, and I haven’t looked hard in a long time.

  I am going through this Ghibli stage right now, where I am absolutely in love with the music in Studio Ghibli movies. The movies too, but more of the music, especially the sad and dynamic ones. Like the theme song of howl’s moving castle and “The girl who fell from the sky” by Joe Hisaishi in instrumental form. Actually it’s just these two, which I can just replay over and over again. Sigh…

 I swear, just close your eyes, listen to Ghibli, and the world is at peace.

Until the piece ends and then you are sad again. But until then, dream.:)


Flag Day was really fun but tiring like always. This time donations were for Filos.:) I would say there is a half-half ratio of nice people to mean people, and some awkwardly cute people.:P I watched a few millipedes get crushed to death. Not pretty. But I guess there’s just loads of creepy crawlies in Botanic Gardens.:P

Three cheers for our last Flag Day!:D

I wish there were more.:(




“How do you want to be remembered when you leave this world?” she asked.

The music flowed in the background, ringing softly in my ears, agitated and calming all at once.

I closed my eyes. My mind began to work, conjuring up images. Standing alone, with everyone I knew around me. But I could not speak to them. I could only hear what they said about me.


What did I want them to say about me?


Her voice tethered me to reality; imagined realities ran wild in my head. Dozens of scenes played, one after another.

How did I want to be remembered? What would I be remembered for when I departed this earth?


I realise that I’ve never really thought about that before.


She is right. It is pointless to lead a life which runs on its own. If we don’t take charge of our own lives, chase the dreams that are our own, the tens of years of our existence here has no meaning.

And once time is gone, it will never come back.

One, write down your goal.

Two, declare it to someone.

Three, believe, and take action.


Let’s make our one shot at life a meaningful one, and be remembered for good things.

And then, with what we’ve been given, give back to the world.

You’ve been truly inspiring. Thank you, Ms Aisyah.:)