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Month: April, 2013


I’ve heard so many people say that change is the only constant in life. And I agree with it. It is inevitable that we would change at certain points in our lives, this change perhaps triggered by some occurrence, or a new living environment, or even a new group of friends.

But sometimes I wonder: Can you stop change?

I find that I fear change. I want to retain as much of my original self as possible, and not evolve into somebody I am not. To me, being who you are is important, and if you have to change your good qualities for somebody, it isn’t worth it. And yet, at certain times, I find myself thinking that I did not used to be how I am like now, and this can really upset me, mostly because I think I’ve changed for the worse. The scary thing is that people can change even without themselves knowing, until they think back on their words and actions. What influences us to change so easily and unknowingly?

I once had a friend say to me that the most hurtful thing you could say to anyone is “You’ve changed.” And I see the truth in what she said. Having someone, especially someone close to you, speak those words to you, can really bruise you.

Of course, change isn’t bad. There have been so many instances where people have changed for the better and that is really good for them. After all, positive change is always welcome.

I do wish that we had the choice of whether to accept or resist the many changes in life, because some things, I never want to change.



The breaks in between

Silences are the hardest to bear

Eyes glance at the distance

The desire to escape was once so rare


I stand here as my mind overworks

To come up with something interesting to say

Amid forced and tense laughter

How did things spiral down to today?


Smiling face

Understanding heart

I slowly watch

As our lives drift apart


And I try to hold on to the fading bond

But it floats out of my reach

I cry for what we have lost

A friendship once so very deep


The conversation might flow

But in our minds we know

That our eyes never deceive

Things are not what they used to be


So my heart says a silent goodbye

To the friend I so dearly held high

Because this act we are trying to keep up

Does not go deeper than the surface


Our hearts have shifted

And so have we changed

It will hurt when the distance sets in

And we become strangers


Seeing the World: Hong Kong (Disneyland)

And here, we start on a new chapter, in a new place-Hong Kong. This is Hong Kong Disneyland, a magical place just like all Disneylands are. Hong Kong Disneyland might be the smallest Disneyland amongst all, but it does mean something to me because it’s the one closest to home, and the only one I’ve been to.

I feel like being in Disneyland is like being transported to another world, one filled with light and magic. And of course, memories of forgotten childhoods come rushing back upon seeing Disney characters like Mickey and all the others. Troubles are thrown aside for the day as we immerse ourselves in fun and magic. Somehow, Disneyland seems to have that special quality.:)

I think it is the fantastical music and atmosphere that leaves one with such longing to go back, and once again visit the land of no worries.

Head In the Clouds

Head in the clouds

Dreams afloat, aplenty

But reality anchors our feet to the ground

Constrains us in a box

This world we already know


The Earth was never a place

For wandering imaginations

Curious minds that stumble upon dreams

And explore the unknown, unseen


So we wait for the discovery of a new realm

In which dreams eclipse reality

And maybe there we will be happy

When truth is too far out of reach

Seeing the World: Britain (Lake District)

This is Lake District, bird paradise as seen from the picture.:P It is located towards the country and further away from the city, and is a really beautiful place.

Lake District is really filled with peaceful waters and is the place to be if you want serene, tranquil surroundings. I thought it was a lovely getaway from the city life I am so used to, no hustle and bustle, just leisurely letting time pass. It is a very different place from the cities many of us live in, and a good reminder that no matter how busy we are, we should always give ourselves time off to enjoy life and smell the roses.:)

The Shattered

Lethal pool of blackness

Swirling with unseen dangers

Or so I was taught to believe

And so I kept away

Until one day

When something piqued my curiosity


Some said the pool was the answer to everything

But they told me not

I was a fragment

Amid them broken pieces

So was it intentional that I forgot?


Resistance thrown to the wolves

Doubt devoured by the intense need to know

I immersed my hand into the pool

Little by little

Ignoring the screaming warnings of my mind

Last of sentient beings


Unnerving addiction

Overpowering emotions

Pleasurable pain

Hurt that gnawed at me inside

Threatening to kill me alive


Was this what they called love?


And then I knew

Why they were that way

Because I understood

Because I was truly one of them now

The broken


(Where this came from:

I was thinking that too often, movies and books portray only the good side of love. The pretty side that only perfect people in perfect books can experience. What about the ugly side of love? That was the ugliest, creepiest, darkest side of love I could imagine. It is not real, just a poem about a scary interpretation of love. It is not from experience either, because one fine day my mind just decided to come up with it. I hope that didn’t creep anyone out.:P)


Seeing the World: Britain (Oxford)

And say hello to the Big Red Bus zooming down Oxford Street! Somehow the Big Red Bus has become a famous icon of Britain. I am not too sure how that happened.:P

Oxford really is shopping paradise, with every store you can imagine. And Oxford Uni is nearby too, with a sprawling campus! And of course it is famous because part of Harry Potter was shot there.:) The dining hall scene.

I think the sky in Britain is just this blue everywhere. So pretty.

The Haze Phase

The haze phase has struck again

And the birds fly with contrasting visibility

Seen only in patches of clear sky

As our eyes lose them in the gray blur


The stars above

Glimmer ever so brightly

But their glow penetrates not the thick clouds

Blotting out the sky

Vanquishing hope


In such hopelessness

How can one still believe

How can one look beyond the clouded night sky

And recognise the stars beneath


We waver amid uncertainty

As glowing stars lie unseen

We forget to look over yonder

To the place where starlight never falters


Seeing the World: Britain (London)

This is the bridge whom many people confuse with London Bridge. I guess it seems logical that London’s most famous bridge would be London Bridge, but not in this case! Enjoying the view of Tower Bridge?:)

I was actually really lucky. If you notice, the road between the two towers is lifting up, and a ship is passing through! This does not occur often (according to our tour guide at least :P), and we actually had to go there at a certain time to catch the bridge lifting in action. It was really cool.:)

Seeing the World: Britain (London)

A rainy view of London from the London Eye. There stands Big Ben in all its glory, and although the rain did dampen our moods and make the weather freezing cold back then, I think it gave the photograph a cloudy and magical feel.

One day I hope to go back to London, and relive the memories all over again.

Should I post a photograph of the London Eye with parts of the London skyline? Let me know if you want to see it!:)

In the meantime, the next photograph has a distant connection with a famous childhood song. (Hint: It is still about London!) The suspense factor is always fun.:)