The Friendship Cupcake

by mandaceehb

Find friendship in a cupcake

The cupcake tin is the foundation upon which a friendship is built

As you pour the cake batter into the cupcake tin and fill it up

Remember that all the jokes, conversations and secrets shared

Slowly build up your relationship with your friend


As you place the filled tin in the oven

Take caution

As overly intense heat can cause cracks in the cupcake

And too many arguments and disagreements can break a friendship

Control the fire, and your fire carefully


Take the cupcake out of the oven and let it cool

Look at its golden brown crust and inhale the heavenly aroma

And realise that perfect friendships can indeed be formed

But only with the effort of two


Decorate your cupcake

Vanilla icing, caramel and chocolate sauce

Sprinkles of love and care

When a perfect friendship has been formed

Good times will always be there


But even beneath a beautiful exterior

Lies the cupcake itself, a pillar of support

True friends will be there in times of weakness

Of them you can trust and rely on


We might bake and bake all our lives

And try to be a perfect friend

But the recipe of the friendship cupcake, if we give a try

Might not be too hard to comprehend