The Patient One

by mandaceehb

She sat by the window

And watched

And waited

The red leaves in autumn 

Turned brown too soon

Too soon, the trees became skeletons

Too soon, pristine snow fell in heaps

And yet his heart was not for keeps


She sat by the window and waited

For an eternity to pass

Her rosebud lips, wilted and torn

Porcelain skin, fragments of what once was

Yet for his love she still mourned


She sat by the window

And stared out to the land

His absence, could she comprehend?

Imploring eyes of hurtful sorrow

Promises extended beyond countless tomorrows


She stood by the window

Silent tears staining her dress

Something so fragile as a faithful heart

Never again could she manifest

Broken promises


Crumbled to dust


She finally felt

The fatigue of waiting

For a stream of light in the shadows

Of loving one who loved no one

Of waiting for one who others waited for

Of losing pieces of herself she never knew before


Waiting ground, the window no longer was…