Good Friday Weekend

by mandaceehb

  Here’s a break from all the poems, though I’ll still be posting one later. In fact, everyday this month as part of National Poetry Writing Month.:P I know Good Friday Weekend was some time ago, but I haven’t really had the chance to lock it into memory here. So, here goes.:)

  On Good Friday, after mass, I went for my conductor’s gig. He is part of an acapella group called After Six, which is really really cool. They have a Youtube channel actually-singaftersix. I think they literally do that. Anyway, I met some of my friends there, and we immersed ourselves in a night of music, many of which were not even from our generation. And it was unexpectably enjoyable.:) Music really is wonderful. You might not even understand it, but you can still feel it, enjoy it, which makes me love it a lot.

  We took too many weird and random photos, and we were probably too loud, because people who didn’t know us were giving us “The Stare”. Part of having fun.;) However, one of my friends raised a very valid point. Even though we had a blast, and it was an amazing night out and all, it did feel like we were living our second lives then. Our first lives with the stress and schoolwork and everything; our second lives being fun and crazy before the reality sets back in again. And it eventually did, of course, which was really sad.

  How many of us, I wonder, are living behind masks, trying to live as much of our second lives as possible to forget about the first? I hate to admit it, but our first lives always come back, no matter how hard we try. Always.


  On Saturday, I went for my first ever Easter Vigil mass, which started at 10pm, and ended at 1am. If I were to survive through it again, I’d better drink coffee. But i do think it was a meaningful experience, and I really liked seeing the church lit up by natural light, candles. It is a wonderful thing to see one church united in faith. And candles create more atmosphere than electric lights, in my opinion.

  Very ironically, I stayed home all day on Easter Sunday. Maybe next year I’ll try being more festive and make easter eggs! I always wanted to try it anyway.:) It was a productive day doing homework.:(

  And that was how my “long” holiday flew past, though it was the most meaningful one in a long time.:)