The Lonely

by mandaceehb

He walks alone

One set of footprints on the beach

Too soon washed away by the changing tides


He saunters along the street

Filled with noise and endless chatter

He keeps silent, and no one offers him an alternative

He keeps to the shadows and out of the light


Sometimes silence is his best friend

And he revels in his own company

But there come times when the silence is too piercing to bear

He pleads for noises, voices to speak

But only the hollow rush of wind sounds back

A tragic, empty entity


Do we look hard enough for the lonely?

Are we too absorbed in our own worlds and what we have

To realise

That people reached out to us when we were alone

Took the first step forward

Made something happen


At the end of the street

Make a right turn

And another one at the next branch

Walk straight, past an abandoned house

Consumed by time and dust


There he thinks no one will find him

But maybe one day you will