Seeing the World: Britain (London)

by mandaceehb

Seeing the World: Britain (London)

Wow, the first post of “Seeing the World” was surprisingly well-received! Thank you to all who viewed it and do follow this blog for more updates and more views of the world.:)

Anyway, this is St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the famous attractions in London. It was actually the first attraction I visited in London.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a beautiful and sacred place, with history enclosed within arched columns and looming walls. I went there in the morning so the weather was especially good. No wonder that it was bustling with tourists.

Don’t be fooled by this photograph, which may look like a frozen scene from the past. It still is London of course, with a Marks and Spencers down the street.:)

Stay tuned for more of beautiful Britain, before I move on to another country!:)