The Shattered

by mandaceehb

Lethal pool of blackness

Swirling with unseen dangers

Or so I was taught to believe

And so I kept away

Until one day

When something piqued my curiosity


Some said the pool was the answer to everything

But they told me not

I was a fragment

Amid them broken pieces

So was it intentional that I forgot?


Resistance thrown to the wolves

Doubt devoured by the intense need to know

I immersed my hand into the pool

Little by little

Ignoring the screaming warnings of my mind

Last of sentient beings


Unnerving addiction

Overpowering emotions

Pleasurable pain

Hurt that gnawed at me inside

Threatening to kill me alive


Was this what they called love?


And then I knew

Why they were that way

Because I understood

Because I was truly one of them now

The broken


(Where this came from:

I was thinking that too often, movies and books portray only the good side of love. The pretty side that only perfect people in perfect books can experience. What about the ugly side of love? That was the ugliest, creepiest, darkest side of love I could imagine. It is not real, just a poem about a scary interpretation of love. It is not from experience either, because one fine day my mind just decided to come up with it. I hope that didn’t creep anyone out.:P)