Seeing the World: Hong Kong (Disneyland)

by mandaceehb

Seeing the World: Hong Kong (Disneyland)

And here, we start on a new chapter, in a new place-Hong Kong. This is Hong Kong Disneyland, a magical place just like all Disneylands are. Hong Kong Disneyland might be the smallest Disneyland amongst all, but it does mean something to me because it’s the one closest to home, and the only one I’ve been to.

I feel like being in Disneyland is like being transported to another world, one filled with light and magic. And of course, memories of forgotten childhoods come rushing back upon seeing Disney characters like Mickey and all the others. Troubles are thrown aside for the day as we immerse ourselves in fun and magic. Somehow, Disneyland seems to have that special quality.:)

I think it is the fantastical music and atmosphere that leaves one with such longing to go back, and once again visit the land of no worries.