by mandaceehb

I’ve heard so many people say that change is the only constant in life. And I agree with it. It is inevitable that we would change at certain points in our lives, this change perhaps triggered by some occurrence, or a new living environment, or even a new group of friends.

But sometimes I wonder: Can you stop change?

I find that I fear change. I want to retain as much of my original self as possible, and not evolve into somebody I am not. To me, being who you are is important, and if you have to change your good qualities for somebody, it isn’t worth it. And yet, at certain times, I find myself thinking that I did not used to be how I am like now, and this can really upset me, mostly because I think I’ve changed for the worse. The scary thing is that people can change even without themselves knowing, until they think back on their words and actions. What influences us to change so easily and unknowingly?

I once had a friend say to me that the most hurtful thing you could say to anyone is “You’ve changed.” And I see the truth in what she said. Having someone, especially someone close to you, speak those words to you, can really bruise you.

Of course, change isn’t bad. There have been so many instances where people have changed for the better and that is really good for them. After all, positive change is always welcome.

I do wish that we had the choice of whether to accept or resist the many changes in life, because some things, I never want to change.