by mandaceehb

The breaks in between

Silences are the hardest to bear

Eyes glance at the distance

The desire to escape was once so rare


I stand here as my mind overworks

To come up with something interesting to say

Amid forced and tense laughter

How did things spiral down to today?


Smiling face

Understanding heart

I slowly watch

As our lives drift apart


And I try to hold on to the fading bond

But it floats out of my reach

I cry for what we have lost

A friendship once so very deep


The conversation might flow

But in our minds we know

That our eyes never deceive

Things are not what they used to be


So my heart says a silent goodbye

To the friend I so dearly held high

Because this act we are trying to keep up

Does not go deeper than the surface


Our hearts have shifted

And so have we changed

It will hurt when the distance sets in

And we become strangers