Seeing the World: Hong Kong (Disneyland)

by mandaceehb

Seeing the World: Hong Kong (Disneyland)

This is an adapted version of the Lion King Musical in Disneyland, which was really good. The lion in the picture is actually just some sort of robotic device, and its mouth moves when it talks and it can even blink and shake his head. Its resemblance to a live lion was just a tad creepy. Technology really is amazing.

I really like watching musicals. The colour and vibrance, action, dancing and songs just really appeal to me. There are so many aspects of the arts that a single musical can capture, and the actors for this musical did a really good job. I’ve watched “Wicked” and “Matilda the Musical” too, and I really, really loved Wicked.

The cool thing is that the audience for this particular show comprised largely of singers from various choirs, since the main reason for this trip to Hong Kong was for the Winter Choral Festival. We even got to perform at Disneyland as part of the Disney Performing Arts and I think that was an added bonus.:)