by mandaceehb

Chatters and noises surround

To create an overwhelming cacophony of sound

Foam threatens to spill from glistening wet cups

As clinking ice float atop the golden beer

Old men laugh with crinkled eyes

Gesticulating wildly for conversations never suffice


Appetizing aromas of various cuisines

Fill the air and tempt our tummies

People decked with plates look frantically around

For customers lost in the crowd

Nowhere to be found


Worries forgotten for the night

As people engage in stories over bottles of beer

Packs of cigarettes adorn the tables

Black smoke billows and chokes

Seemingly a bonding activity for young blokes


I eat my food in small bites

Savoring its taste

Letting the activity around

Sink in

Such is my country’s coffeeshop culture

Cloying to some

Comforting to many


A feeling of home

An atmosphere of family