by mandaceehb

What if there was a thirteenth hour

Unparalleled reign of the unlucky number

In truth we would believe no such thing

But how would it hurt to wonder?


Flying horses crash through the windows

And toys creak and come to life

Magic portals are opened beneath the pillows

And we fall deep, plunge and dive


Enter another world unlike our own

People unlike those we know

Iridescent wings glimmer in the moonlight

Flower people frolic in the meadow

Colourful tails swish and splash in the sea

You’ve never felt more at home in the land of the imaginary


Dance and twirl until your feet hurt

With the magic that makes you soar

Let melodies fill the air of the beautiful garden

Croon until your throat is sore


But would time ever accommodate thee

Force too proud to gain control over

Wave goodbye to the universe of dreams

Where thousands of awake, sleeping minds hover


You will be back tomorrow, you swear

Convinced as a child that it will always be there