At Dusk (Part One)

by mandaceehb

Her eyes reflected the setting sun, falling, falling from the sky. She watched and watched until darkness reigned once more, and her eyes settled back into a deep brown as they always were. Sighing, she looked back down at the pile of unwashed dishes, and the floor which was spread thickly with a layer of dust. The sound of running water formed a hollow echo in the empty house.

Watching the sunset every evening was an escape for her. On some days, giant grey clouds obscured every trace of a beautiful sky. On other days, varying hues of orange and pink, and when she was lucky, purple, adorned the sky in an ever-changing gradient of colours. It was something magical, something that she looked forward to- a burst of colour in her dull and lonely life. And in a magical world where she was lost in her own thoughts, she could remember him more clearly.

(to be continued…)