At Dusk (Part Four)

by mandaceehb

  Every time she received a letter, she would tuck the money he sent safely away in an old biscuit tin. Eventually, the tin was filled, but he was still not back.

  She was no longer the young girl he had left behind in her slumber. Along the way, she had grown up and the harsh reality of life had set in. She fully understood now why he had had to go.

  She stood at the window now, older than he had been when he had left. She wondered how it would be like when he came back. Would she even be able to recognise him? Before her, the sky shifted in a palette of orange hues, and she realised that if she were to just turn her back on it for one moment, she would never see the same sky again. Nothing remained the same forever.

  The door creaked open slowly, and she turned round in shock.

  “I knew you wouldn’t miss the sunset for anything,” He laughed.

  She stared at him, almost too overwhelmed to move. Years of suppressed emotions turned to tears in her eyes, as they embraced each other in joy and pain. It had been a long wait, but her brother was finally home. Nothing else mattered that moment, and years of distance seemed to crumble to dust, blown away by the evening breeze.

  Together, they watched as the last sliver of the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, both well aware that in a few days, perhaps, they would be admiring the same sun in the city where a new life lay.

  At dusk, it was like he’d never left.


-The End-