by mandaceehb

Something as common as a bird landing on a branch would not strike us as anything special. I guess we have seen it so often that we barely register it as something more, though it actually is.

What if you thought about a bird landing on a branch now? Do you see anything more?

Did it occur to you that the branch could break?

The bird believes that it can escape to safety if the branch breaks, which is why it dared to take a chance and land on a branch. It does not trust the branch to be sturdy, but it trusts in its own ability to fly. The bird knows that if the branch breaks, its wings will take it somewhere safe. It believes in itself. But how many of us do?

I do agree that self-trust is something that is hard to achieve, and something that many people, including me, need to work on. How can we trust ourselves to make the right decisions, when we have made majorly wrong ones before? How can we trust that we won’t mess things up again?

We have to accept that everyone makes mistakes, and I guess we can only learn and get better from there. If we let go, we can accept. When we accept, we build up our belief in ourselves. I believe that everything is in our heads, and we control who we want to be. Everyone can definitely believe in themselves, if they want to.

And when we believe in ourselves, I’m sure others will start believing in us too.:) Let’s go!