Fly Free

by mandaceehb

Happiness is a caged bird

We catch and dangle by the window

Trapped by intricately woven walls of wire

Keep close to us; our hearts

Secure the door with a key

Don’t let the bird fly free


Selfish we are to be

For who does not wish for happiness eternally

Forced, ungenuine

We pretend not to see

The one chance in life

We cannot leave be


The bird whistles a sorrowful tune

Hauntingly beautiful

It crumples to the floor

Feathers a dark pallor

Colour long lost


No salvation

We know now

Saltwater meanders down ruddy cheeks

Freedom in the skies

Reflected in our eyes

The bird becomes so alive


We watch with grace

As happiness flies away

To find the right one in the bountiful skies

There our happiness too must lie


Watch as the bird flies free

Up, up

No more to be seen