by mandaceehb


Exactly one year ago I was in London, having the time of my life. It was a really amazing experience, one that I’ll never forget. Wish I was there right now.

I will repost an extremely detailed recount of my trip there last year. Warning: It’s really, really long. (no joke) Please forgive the immature perspective of a younger me. (I’m not crazy over boy bands anymore). Many things have changed since those carefree days, and maybe being happy and immature was some sort of avoidance of reality.

Here goes,

Let’s start it this way: Not all schools bring their students to UK. Hence, I love my school.:P But anyways the trip was an English and Literature learning journey, and I love both subjects—> added bonus. The main reason was that I really wanted to go to UK, to get more exposure to the Western world and because UK is cool.:)

The flight was the longest ever, 13 hours if my memory has not failed me. And sadly, I couldn’t fall asleep. Sigh. So I watched movies like what everyone else does on a plane. And waited. And talked. And watched other people sleeping since i couldn’t sleep myself. Finally, we reached Heathrow Airport.

Upon first sight of London, I was like WOW. The buildings and greenery stretched on and on and on, beyond my line of vision. I think Singapore’s really small, so from a plane you can probably see the whole island. But not London. And London is just part of the UK. And it really was never-ending, and i was fascinated. It was humongous.

We landed in the evening so the coach drove us straight to Travelodge, where we had a delicious lasagna dinner.:D And by a stroke of luck my roommates and i got the biggest room, so i was really happy.

The next day we went to many famous landmarks in London. We started off with St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was lovely. There i bought my first souvenir in Britain, which was just some badges but still. Various other landmarks we visited/saw included Big Ben, Tower Bridge- which we saw lifting, London Eye-which we took a ride on, Westminster Abbey and so on. And we took a nice picnic at a park near Buckingham Palace- Hyde Park? I bought a Moomoo’s milkshake which tasted too good, and this meat pie-like thing. There were lots of ducks, which we said resembled one of our friends.:P The weather was perfect. It was summer but there was just enough chill to feel great.:D

On Day 2 we went to BBC. It was so cool we went to this dressing room which was once momentarily inhabited in by One Direction!:D And the guide told us stories about certain celeb divas and completely eccentric requests…:P Then we went to Royal Drury Lane Theatre where people attempted to scare us multiple times. And it was cool cos the same woman dressed up as various characters and led us through the place. It was really interesting.:)

Oh yes how could i forget about the British Museum? It was gigantic with various exhibits ranging from statues of Greek Gods to Egyptian mummies. It was there that my friends and I bonded and formed this group called the “Qi Yang Circle”. Okay that guy is some dude that we all know, and we have funny stories to share about him. I hope he never sees this. But it was awesome that we bonded, making our life in UK sooooo fun.:D So in the British Museum, when we were looking at the Greek statues, this group of cute Japanese ladies went right up to a statue of a naked Greek God and… made sounds of shock and surprise while they “gang groped” him. Pathetically, instead of gaining any insight on life, THAT, was the true highlight of our trip to the Brit Museum. But it really is worth a visit for people looking to find out more about history!:)

We ate at Nando’s (:D) where there was this extremely spicy chilli sauce and two of my friends totally had a battle of chilli tasting. *backs off* They ate it by SPOONFULS and one of my friends looked like he was gonna die but he still ate it. Well, he fit the requirement of a masochist so i guess it was fine.:P But it was really entertaining.:D

And we totally met Loki from Avengers in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Our guide was like a clone of Loki!XD And we bought this red band thingy which quickly became our “cool”.:) Well, great job to myself for i have already screwed up the chronology of events. But it’s okay, the memories are what count.:) We had an early dinner in this gigantic train station that looked more like an airport to me, and was it that day that we had Krispy Kreme donuts?:P

Anyways we watched “Wicked” at night which was awesome as ever. (I’d watched it once in Singapore.:D) The other members of the audience might have been silently cursing at me for singing along to some of the songs, but I wouldn’t know.:P The moving dragon freaked some of my friends out pretty bad, but I’d already been prepared.:D

We took the Tube for the I-forgot-how-manyth time which was cool cos we don’t usually get to experience a country’s public transport on a school trip.:) And i was so tired and it was raining and freezing cold that night. It was a long walk back to the hotel in the freezing cold, trying to walk faster to feel warmer, which never happened.

We met this poet called Jacob (I think) the next day, who was a really nice man. I really admired his penmanship too, as he read some of his poems out to us.:) The Old Operating Theater was a creepy place to me. Cool, but creepy. Dinner was at this Fish ‘N’ Chips store, where we spotted on the menu this dessert called “spotted d***”, which cost four pounds.:P Okay that’s me being childish and immature. And we watched “Matilda: The Musical”. It was fine! But I kinda almost fell asleep. I just like “Wicked” quite a lot more by comparison.:) Too much drama and green laser beams for a little schoolgirl like Matilda, but she was adorable and her voice was lovely.:)

And how did i forget COVENT GARDEN? If i lived in London i think i would go to Covent Garden everyday, because it’s simply beautiful. I love the old buildings, that spell so much history behind their facade, I love the way the shops are laid out, in lanes and in places like markets. I love the open-aired courtyard, where one could have a meal and enjoy performances by buskers.

I just loved everything about Covent Garden. There was this store called “David and Goliath”, where i bought the cutest hoodie for 25 pounds. Ironically, when somebody mentioned “David and Goliath”, i thought they were referring to this store instead of the famous story which apparently i’ve never heard of.:/ The buskers were amazing. I was rendered speechless by the high notes those ladies could sing. It was awesomely scary.:P I bought this “I love London” tee which cost 6 pounds but i paid the guy twelve because my mind apparently converted 6 pounds to Singapore dollars which is around 12 dollars! So it was awkward when the guy returned me half the amount i gave him and told me it was only 6 pounds.:P

After London we went to Oxford, starting off with Oxford University. Sigh… such sprawling grounds and expansive land.:P I thought it was cool because the grand dining hall scene in Harry Potter which is always shown at the end of every installment was shot in Oxford Uni! Though the actual one is not as huge as it was in Harry Potter. Apparently they used some mirror trick but being there was awesome enough.

And my friend was right: Oxford is shopping paradise. We spent so much time in HMV. ( I just bought a 1D album.:P) I bought a varsity jacket at another store and became matchy-matchy with my friends. We tried to look cool but failed. Sigh.:P The time i spent there wasn’t enough at all. Ever since I became a shopaholic. XD I regretted not buying more stuff so badly!!! Why must my mind play such cruel tricks on me…

We visited Shakespeare’s house too. Apparently little boys had to dress up like girls in the past so that bad things (i forgot what exactly) would not happen to them. We saw his grave too. He was a true talent.:)

Cadsbury World was fantastic, because chocolate is fantastic.:D They had so many things made out of chocolate: shoes, crowns, and even ukeleles!–>so cool. There was this cute little ride where I was led through this chocolate world of little alive chocolate eggs, which were cute and creepy.:P

I FINALLY met my British buddy, Ceri, in the Priory Academy of Lincoln!:D She was really friendly and nice.:) What’s so cool about their school is that they have this music room where any random person can just walk in and start playing the instruments there! I am particularly jealous of the guitar.:P And they have a POOL. And i don’t know how many dining halls. And in their classrooms they have this cool technology where the teachers can just draw directly on the visualiser screen!!! And yet my buddy said that Lincoln was boring and Singapore was cool. If only she knew!;P But i guess that grass is always greener on the other side. We like what we don’t have.:) We played this awesome game called “Rounders” which i now play in P.E. and know as “Softball”. Imagine us running around in pinafores in the cold because the school didn’t tell us to bring our P.E. attire. It was sad.:P

We had really nice refreshments and Ceri was just smearing cream on everyone.:P Everyone at the school was really friendly and i had a great time.:)

York, the rumoured ghost town… Nothing happened.:P We had this haunted tour thingy which i was mostly sick throughout. The guide was a cute old man dressed up in a top hat and a long black cloak, like he was from the past. But the illusion was ruined when the tour ended and we waved to him driving away in his modern-day blue car.XP

The last attraction was ‘The World of Beatrix Potter”. Peter Rabbit and friends are adorable, and i took lots of pictures there.:) That about marked the end of the trip.

I really miss UK now.:( I wanna go back one day with my friends, relive all the memories, and maybe just stay there forever. I would probably be happier that way. Here lie my dearest memories, written out in words. May they reside in my brain forever.:)

-The End- (Finally right.:P)
Hopefully, I am not judged by the end of this, but I’m sure everyone has those immature moments too.:P

I’ll be back, UK.