You can know a …

by mandaceehb

You can know a person in a day, but you can spend a lifetime with a person and never really know him.

Is it cheesy that I encountered this quote in some drama? But the instant I heard it I had a “This is the truth of life” moment. Perhaps I’m not old enough to have experienced life a lot, but this just struck me as plain truth.

Why is it that we can get to know some people so easily, but with others we can spend so much time with them and yet realise we never really understood them? And why is it that we can open up so easily to some people, but with others, there just exists this mental barrier where we do not wish to divulge too much personal information? Is this all a matter of trust?

Sometimes I find it sad to know that my supposed “good” friends are people I don’t even know. We can talk so much about everything under the sun, but in the end what information do we take home about their character, their personality? Is it not pointless to know so much about someone’s favourite brand, their favourite celebrity, their favourite food, and in the end know nothing about them? I guess this is another one of my train of thoughts that lead me nowhere, just blasting questions down and getting little answers back. More possibilities than answers, always. If curiosity killed the cat, I hope to at least find some answers before I am killed, since curiosity cannot be stopped anyway. I plead my mind to stop churning up weird jokes and dry humour before I am labelled a weirdo. But really.

Maybe it’s just me, since I am someone who would rather have one friend whom I deeply understand than one million random “hi-bye” friends. I like understanding people, as I have discovered.

And maybe it’s fate. We just click with some people more than with others. Different personalities fit together with different personalities, and some puzzle pieces just don’t fit together. But I believe that all of us will find that perfect fit, in the best case scenario that we can spend a lifetime with a person, growing to understand him or her more deeply each day.