Wandering Minds

by mandaceehb

Has anyone ever wondered how dreams can feel so real, yet be so fake? As in, we can dream about the weirdest and the most random things, and when we are in our dreams, that is the absolute reality. But when we wake up, we laugh and tell ourselves that something like that will never happen. How can we experience two opposite ends of the reality spectrum at the same time?

For me, I think I sometimes mix up memories with dreams. When I try to recall something old, there is this dreamlike quality to it, because it has been buried far too deep to remain crystal clear. I end up with this scene in my head, unsure of whether it was a scene from a past dream, or something that really happened. Maybe when we think of our dreams too much, they probe their way into our memories of reality and the dividing line is blurred.

I also wonder about how our minds can be so awake when our bodies are dead beat. How are our minds so active in our slumber? In the day, we worry about lots of things, and have many issues on our minds. Do they remain in our minds when our bodies rest, and appear in the warped form of an imagined scene thought up by our heads? I sometimes marvel at my mind’s creativity through the ridiculous dreams that come to life when I’m asleep. Our minds could be the most innovative scriptwriters for comedies there ever were! Just think about some of the most ridiculously hilarious dreams you’ve had, and you’ll know what I mean.

Dreamers unite!