by mandaceehb

Beneath bleached cloudy skies

I lay down a single white flower

Symbolism unbounded

Step back and ponder



All the good in a lifetime

But only brief encounters on my part

Enough to sustain

It has been carved in my mind to last


I imagine you must be walking

Through emerald meadows now

Warm breeze gently urging forward

On the road to a better place

Beautiful white dress gently stirring up dust from the ground

I remember how you loved to doll up when you were here


Grass blades rustle in tandem with delicate silk petticoats

Wet not with clear dewdrops that dot the earth


Our father calls from above

And you wave, smiling

With the kindest eyes I ever saw

Step into his heavenly radiance

As alluring melodies fill the air

The angels have come to take you home