by mandaceehb

I see a world

Driven by poverty

By circumstances

To start a flame

To watch a spark ignite

Well aware of the consequences

Long before the entire forest lights


The lantern festivals when they were young

A vague, faraway memory

Watching entire streets dotted with glory and radiance

It whispers to them now

As they relive it again

Acres of forest burn to ashes

Reflected in their eyes

Back where everything was

Before anything started


They stand there in silence

As ashes and dust dance in the dim light

Remembering better days so far away

Yet being unable to


The wind is a strong being

Invincible in its might

The ashes scatter

And settle

Follow where the wind goes

It leads them through continents


I see the bustling metropolis that once was

Living a mystical nightmare

Engulfed in layers of impenetrable haze

Masked in a shroud

Masked in its people


I see the despair and helplessness of those who burn

Them who watched a million trees die before their eyes

By their hand

Those who looked upon the woods in the aftermath

Seeing charred trunks and the irregular stumps that remain

Crumble into dust 

Feeding the soil

The ravenous, hungry earth

As it grows into life after death