Blood Rose

by mandaceehb

I saw him chuck the rose into a clear vase

Teeming with putrid waters

Leaving the poor flower to drown in pools of poison

Watching it all the same

Closely, intently, patiently

As the toxin made its way into the rose’s system

And made its presence very pronounced, indeed


Oh, crimson rose of the loveliest blush

Started to inherit a deeper, darker pallor

I saw the sadistic glint in his eyes

As he carefully picked up the flower, blood red


The rose was dead


He drove his car out that night

And I knew where he was headed

Poisoned bloody rose in hand

How prominent his undying affection

How crazed his loveless being


He left the rose on her doorstep

Coupled with a lovely little note

A poem, a spell, or a forewarning, might I say?

Release me from the grip of your heart

Let my mind and soul run free again

For my life you hold no regard

But I will not let my love be in vain


From a hidden corner

He watched

Closely, intently, patiently

As the poison set in

Yet again

But this time the traces would be left unseen


Game over, he said

From he whom you never loved