Wintry Woes

by mandaceehb

Set foot into the heart

Of a snow-laden wintry forest

Exhale loudly

As I watch ice crystals form in the freezing air

Smell the ice on my wintry breath

Senses frozen, numb


Snowflakes float down slowly

Entangling themselves in the sparse canopy above

Not a soul to be seen for miles of pristine whiteness

A lonely set of footsteps trod on

Very soon lost in the winter storm


Flashes come back to me

In the presence of this winter wonderland

My favourite season of four

Was it yours too?

I never saw


Making snow angels on the soft cold ground

Laughter unbroken by echoes of resounding silence aftermore

We danced madly in the snow

Warm amid the cold

Tiptoed precariously across frozen ponds

Safe way across called for a victory song


Not the same fate for you, dear

As I mutely lost you to freezing waters

And melted snow

In the blizzard of emotions no sorrow to fear

I sat there

Helpless, alone


Icy winds echo my pain

Whipping against my face searingly

The seas call your name

As the currents push you all places

But back home

I look for you in wild raging waters

In gentle expanding circles released by a stone’s throw


Bury my heart in roaring avalanches

As teardrops freeze to icicles mid-air

Give me a frozen heart of stone, I pray


So I will never be hurt again