by mandaceehb

Catch me, catch me if you can, she said, and she ran for all her life was worth. Hair flying madly in the wind, arms spread wide open as if she believed she could fly.

Then again, she believed in everything.

Left foot, right foot, left foot- an unending process, as the dust flew up around her, caught in a mini tornado of her own. This was everything she knew now, everything that mattered. She could hear the crisp rustling of the dry grass beneath her feet, feel the heat of the sun on her face as sweat began to form. Behind her she heard an uncanny silence.

She slowed and turned.

No one was there. Nothing was chasing her now.

She was playing a game of her own.

Everyone she knew was gone. She was gone.

The little girl cried in her, as she stood up, a large looming form compared to the size she once was. She had grown out of tiny blue suede shoes and pretty white frocks, grown out of playing with dolls and toys. She had grown out of believing.

She had grown up.