You Are Beautiful

by mandaceehb

There was once a girl. She was a sweet, kind, helpful girl, well-liked by everyone around her. I’m fat, she told me when she was thirteen. No you’re not! Stop it. And she did for a while.

I didn’t really take notice after that, and she never showed any signs, or maybe she was just hiding her feelings. I began to realise when she was fourteen, how she would stand on the weighing scale everyday. Stop weighing yourself, I would say. I finally lost some weight. I need to keep track of my weight or I’ll be fat again. And that would be all she talked about.

One day the weighing scale got damaged. Can you please send it for repair? I think I already gained 5kg because I haven’t been able to keep track of my weight! But somehow everyone was just too busy to retrieve it from the place where it was repaired, and she was going crazy.

You’re not fat, I said to her one night. You cannot let society’s standards of being thin affect you. Your BMI is average- you’re healthy, that’s the most important. You’re fine as you are. She still insisted she was fat, but I thought that at least some of what I said had gone into her head.

After that incident, we argued on one occasion, and in a fit of anger I accidentally insinuated that she was fat. She swore. You didn’t have to convince me that I’m not fat when even you think I am. You just said it! I know I’m fat. And I realised she had not believed a word I said.

And maybe it’s gone too far now. She’s gone so far that she believes that she is fat like it’s a fact of life. She has let society’s standards, the media’s standards that being thin is beautiful affect her mind, affect her judgment. She has let what people say go so far into her mind that it can never completely be erased. I can just imagine, what if she’s letting their teasing just ring in her mind?

What has happened to this world, why can’t we just be who we are? Why is it that we have let society and media has affect us so deeply for some, to the point of no return? This is our life, and we do not let anyone tell us how to live it, tell us what is right.

You, who is now reading this. You are beautiful as you are, and don’t let anyone make you believe that you’re not. Don’t let the world change who you are- you live for yourself, and by your own standards. Everything else, the crap people tell you, can be flushed down the mental drain.