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Month: July, 2013

Around the World in A to Z

A massive temple situated above the Penang

Buddha sleeps across twenty yards

Cars zoom past or in some places only horses

Development in varying degrees


Elephant rides are all the norm in Thailand

Feeding bananas in whole bunches

Gigantic mammals can snort through their trunks scarily


Hong Kong towers with skyscrapers

Illuminated with laser shows across the midnight skyline

Just not as impressive as the magical firework show in Disneyland, for the children at heart


Krispy Kreme was my ultimate donut experience in London

Lounging on the cushioned seats in the Tube trains

Musicals like Wicked entertained me greatly

Not to mention the angry people who heard me sing along


Of course we had to go on the London Eye

Pattering rain never did spoil our ride

Queer upturned purple cow udders we saw below

Reminiscing childhood times in the slow


Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, we saw

Tall and mighty, Tower Bridge was

Ubiquitous culture and history in every brick and stone


Vandalism is prohibited here where I stay

What I saw though, was art that took my breath away

Xenophobia will remain a myth to me

Yes, people were incredibly welcoming and friendly

Zany street acts will forever be etched in my memory





Wear and Tear

I see the wear and tear of this old city
Blackened ruins flowing over the walls
The conflict between culture and development
Is omnipresent

Why I Love Reading

A good book makes you laugh and cry through it, makes the entire world fade away as you read it, sucks you into the story as if you have lived it. It makes you feel so satisfied for no particular reason, and the slight feeling of disorientation is present after you finally put it down. As if you have no idea what to do with your life after you’ve read it. 

I might have just experienced that.:D

Glory Days

With trembling hands

She lined the wrinkled skin of her eye

Using a dark pencil


She filled in her pale lip

With a lovely coral colour

Grimly pressing her lips together


She pulled a comb

Through her gray hair

Watching the many strands that came free

And yet she pulled again and again

Spinning silver threads


She looked into the mirror

Saw the ghost of her past

In her past glory

Yet the only thing that had survived the years

Was the string of luminous pearls

Around her neck now

Around her neck then, too

Its weight her only anchor to reality

Lost at Sea

Our hands were joined at first

As we drifted in an unfamiliar place

Lost at sea

With nothing but each other


The lights of home were long gone

Leaving only mysterious dark waters

A cold biting sensation

In this moment we had only trust


But the tides were rough

The waves choppy

And soon I found myself clawing at empty waters

Your fingers no longer there for my heart to calm


Further and further we drifted apart

And I was fearful of the unknown

At a loss for what to do

But the waves gradually rock me to acceptance


Pinpoints of glowing lights come into view

As I glimpse the tiniest whisper of hope

The waves wash me onto shore

Where my new life lies, without you

But with more 


Panting softly


With animalistic grunts

She stretches the chains to their extremes

Break, she orders

But they heed not human command

Only a ringing sound of metal

As she rips on the chains 

And failure resounds around the cell


No escape

For she is shackled

Like so many of us

Chained by the invisible boundaries of this world

In a Vessel of Sorrow

The wisp of a frown

A delicate teardrop so sweet

Crestfallen faces that fall to the ground

Eyes saddened with piercing sorrow


The ache of a pained cry

Muffled sobs and suppressed emotions

Salty tears that seep into the tongue

Blood that runs the earth red


All of this he collects

In a vessel only so strong as himself

Closing his eyes, he floats away

To a place that cannot be found


A thousand flags I may see
But only one is truly home to me

A Glimpse of the Future

From an elevated temple, three old men stare down at the city. Tall buildings that had never used to be soar high, while bits of their past and history are still enveloped in the little corners of their country. Whatever their thoughts may be, racing with the advancing world or lost back in time, they seek solace in one another’s company.

For Tonight

Dark gloomy night

Dim stars carelessly scattered across the sky

Under the same umbrella

A thousand different lives lie


The hopeful gaze out balcony windows

Tiny specks against the sprawling skyline

They eye the blinking lights of the city

Believing that one day they will shine as bright


The lonely sit isolated

Across a telephone as quiet as time

The warmth of human company has long escaped them

Alone they are left to cry


The poor make their homes on streets

Cardboard cover to last them through the night

Sorrowful eyes glisten and yearn for better days

Trembling hands stretched out for a mere bite


So many people

Trapped in the different webs of life

But no matter what

We will sleep under the same sky tonight