Pearl of the Orient

by mandaceehb

I stare out at the blue waves faraway, the point where the sky and the sea meet in a single blurred line. Colourful mismatched roofs form a gigantic patchwork pattern across the whole island, as snaking pinpoints of headlights draw dividing lines between streets. Penang is beautiful from above.

So I am currently still in Penang, Malaysia, staying at a beautiful hotel called the Museum Hotel where the furnishings in the hotel could really belong to a museum. Walk along carpeted corridors and you can admire paintings or old pictures and artefacts with tiny labels below them, explaining their origin. The hotel room is a unique one with two levels, though I sometimes get irritated having to climb up and down constantly! It’s something different though, and a pretty cool concept I must say.

Penang is full of older buildings, and I really like the vintage charm of the old shophouses, not specially preserved by the government but entrusted solely to nature and age. The streets are always so busy and yet there’s not much people around. And the food is super good.

Penang is filled with hawker fare, but don’t belittle this fact, because hawker food is especially yummy! I tried my first bowl of Penang laksa, a local specialty today, and though laksa is supposedly spicy(and sadly I can’t really take spicy food), Penang laksa was not spicy. It has a zesty taste with sourness attributed to lime, and I can’t exactly describe the taste. It’s just so refreshing! Believe me, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I had chendol too. And dimsum and rojak and you must be thinking I’m such a glutton. But it’s worth being a glutton to eat good food. Don’t mind me, I’m not making sense as usual.

So today mostly involved us walking around, and exploring the place. We did spend lots of time in a mall too, because we were singing karaoke for too long to be true. My throat aches. 

I’m liking Penang so far, it’s really a different perspective from the life and environment I’m used to! Hopefully tomorrow I will discover and learn about more parts of this Pearl of the Orient, to share with all of you. 

P.S. Interesting fact of the night: Jimmy Choo started off in Penang! (Yes, it’s that expensive brand!)