Pearl of the Orient II

by mandaceehb

Lovely murals adorn the walls in an array of faded colours. Trishaws blast pop music as they zoom past, an icon of heritage and history conflicted by a modern touch. Cameras were situated where faces should have been, as people tried frantically to capture the perfect scene in its aged glory.

I’m not actually sure what the place I went to yesterday was called, but it was somewhere near or between Love lane and China House. It was really lovely, and for all the animal lovers out there, you’ll find lots of cat murals done by artists painting for animal cause. There are some special murals I really liked. For example, there was this painting of a little boy and girl on a bicycle, except that the bicycle was a real one against the wall but the boy and girl were painted on the wall, so the result was an interesting mix between 3D and 2D and I thought that was really creative!

There are many cool places such as the Camera Museum and a Coffee and Chocolate Museum (i.e. My idea of paradise) as well, and quaint little shops along the way in which different objects can be found. Overall it was an eye opener, and I won’t probably find a place as filled with heritage for a long time to come.