Around the World in A to Z

by mandaceehb

A massive temple situated above the Penang

Buddha sleeps across twenty yards

Cars zoom past or in some places only horses

Development in varying degrees


Elephant rides are all the norm in Thailand

Feeding bananas in whole bunches

Gigantic mammals can snort through their trunks scarily


Hong Kong towers with skyscrapers

Illuminated with laser shows across the midnight skyline

Just not as impressive as the magical firework show in Disneyland, for the children at heart


Krispy Kreme was my ultimate donut experience in London

Lounging on the cushioned seats in the Tube trains

Musicals like Wicked entertained me greatly

Not to mention the angry people who heard me sing along


Of course we had to go on the London Eye

Pattering rain never did spoil our ride

Queer upturned purple cow udders we saw below

Reminiscing childhood times in the slow


Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, we saw

Tall and mighty, Tower Bridge was

Ubiquitous culture and history in every brick and stone


Vandalism is prohibited here where I stay

What I saw though, was art that took my breath away

Xenophobia will remain a myth to me

Yes, people were incredibly welcoming and friendly

Zany street acts will forever be etched in my memory