I write & shoot (photographs) occasionally

Month: September, 2013


I rest my bruised cheek

Against the freezing window pane

As snowflakes dance outside

Entrancing ice crystals swirl around


I see no one in the snow

No one making a trip back home

Only a ghostly shadow in front of me

As I look back at myself




It was a long time ago

Laughing together in locked embrace

Staring up at starry skies through broken canopies

Stars… Their images still glowed bright in her mind

Like the precious jewels they were

Precious memories tucked away in hidden corners


This is called…

And that is a…

She remembered his every word


Every so often

She gazed at the shadows of nightfall

Tried to remember their names

But it had become harder with the passages of time between them


She realised that they had simply become stars again

No longer past insights on what they had shared

And she wept for the loss of it all

Under the Stars

Under the stars

Everything seems perfect

The night is untouched

And we lay there in peaceful reverie


Under the stars

The world is a beautiful place

Injustice, hopelessness and despair all lost to reality

As we drift in between dreams


Under the stars

Nothing except us exists

As our fingers interlock tightly

And we lose ourselves in the lights of heaven, beckoning



One year older

One year wiser

Cross my fingers

Cross my heart

Don’t make the same mistakes

Learn from the past

But nothing much has changed

farewell to hope

Branches of trees and cuts on my knees//Slowly losing the last of my sanity//Piercing leaf blades and trickling blood//Whisper of a hopeless profanity

Maybe not

If I lay here in broken pieces

On the floor

Would you care

Maybe not

I forgot

You’ve already seen me in this state before

If I lay down on the blanket of snow

Would you lay down beside me

Bite your cheeks against the sinking cold

Numb your brain to the surreal happenings of this world

If I was washed away by the tides

Would you swim the seven seas

To catch me before I melted to foam

Rocked away to oblivion

If I lost myself in the galaxy above

Would you travel time and space

Or leave me to be a dying star

Falling into the abyss of forgotten dreams

And dashed hopes

And let us be where we are


It’s cold outside tonight

As the moonlit rays fade into darkness

And I hug myself closer

In a moment of vulnerability


My eyes reflect watery clouds

As the city light dim out of focus

And I don’t know how I can feel so alone

Amid this presence of millions around


I almost expect snow to fall

But the night is not shattered

By a storm


It’s cold outside tonight

But not as cold

As what I feel inside