by mandaceehb

12.47. The numbers glowed like brilliant cat eyes against the shadows of nightfall. I could not fall asleep. On the outside, I was a still being, but inside my head, an orchestra of lilting noises was moulding together into a single sound. Songs from various genres took their turns to perform inside my head, and their voices and souls kept me awake. They rebelled and resisted against my mind’s urge to shut down to rest, instead choosing to intoxicate me with endlessly fascinating harmonies and chords. Eventually my mind got lost in all the notes and strings, and the path to slumber was gone. What remained was a drunkenly happy state, engulfed in a musical euphoria.


Music means something different to everyone. For one, music can be solace. For another, music can mean forgetting. Music can be for joy, tragedy and love, and the endless definitions of what music means to each and every person outweighs the standard definition of music in a dictionary. Music should not be restricted to a one lined definition, for with every person music has a new meaning; with every soul touched music spurs believing. What is common then, in all these different perspectives, is that music has moved us. In any small or life changing way, music has touched our lives. It has given us something to hope for, something to look forward to, something to enjoy, something to love. With music we can tell our stories and touch others’ hearts, and inspire others through song. This is the most beautiful thing about music: its soul.