The Passing

by mandaceehb

When they pass

The pain will gnaw at us inside

Ripping our heart to pieces

Rendering us unable to live on 

Without them


When they leave

The hurt will be so strong, so pure

As direct as a bullet to the head

Lethal and consuming and drowsy and excruciatingly painful

But there will be nothing we can do

No them to wipe our tears away

We could cry oceans 

And drown ourselves in the pain


When they go

If not anyone else, at least I will know

The impact they have made

What they left behind 


It can be as tiny as a ripple of water

As insignificant as a set of footprints

Cursed to die in the hands of he tides

Predetermined, fated cruelty


But I will be here

Finding them in every shadow

Every flicker of light

Every good thing that happens

With the memory of every 




Resonating here