by mandaceehb

Her heart was broken and she could feel the segregated pieces just lying there uselessly, refusing to move, refusing to budge. She felt heady from the lack of oxygen because her heart had probably died. It probably wasn’t working anymore and the rest of her body probably wasn’t receiving any blood. Her heart was dead. She wondered why she was still alive.

The pain had been this head-splitting horror at first and it made her chest ache with the possibilities of what could have been but she would not know now. She was in a daze and she felt her heart floating away but she didn’t know what to do so she let it be. Eventually her heart broke to pieces because it couldn’t break free of her humanly bounds and again she just let it be. 

They said time would heal all wounds, but her heart stayed broken. She thought maybe they were wrong. Maybe time wouldn’t heal all wounds, but time would stop her pain. Maybe time would make her die, and it would free her from the chains of hurt and sorrow.

Maybe that was what they meant, she thought as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. There was no sadness in them anymore, only truth. 

That was what they meant.