I write & shoot (photographs) occasionally

Month: March, 2014


She sits by the window

Palms faced upward in an open gesture of hope 

Always she sees people pass

And she smiles

Threading beautiful words together

Weaving stars into constellations 

Colouring in the darkness

And chasing it away

She only invites the moonlight to stay



thoughtless thoughts

I guess there is a kind of sweetness

In such unquestioning dependability

And the thoughtless ease and rhythm that has already been emplaced within

Is nothing that you would rather give

Don’t blame them for the wrongs that they’ve done 

Because just like us

They are broken


I’ve been too kindly treated in my life 

To never lose hopeful thoughts 

That the holes from which blood once flowed

Will be patched together again

And the grass we saw as dead

Will glow in emerald tones from the kisses of the rain


What do people see, I wonder

Behind glassy eyes and impassive expression

Why do they ignore those who sit alone

Instead choosing to accompany those

With which the value of companionship has run dry

Is it so hard to reach a hand

Initiate a word

To the ones who dare not to speak

And start a fire

Within the hearts of the wordless-lipped?

Tall Stories

He used to tell me fairytales and bedtime stories 

Princesses and beasts and elves and mythical creatures

Lull me to sleep 

I remember also

The harder times of scolding and harsh words

Never laced with insult to spark off my determination

Now he speaks to me

Of his past stories– things he’d never told me before

Tales of bad jobs and lost opportunities and mature, adult jargon

And I realize 

That in my dad’s eyes

His little girl has grown up

coming of age

i miss being young

and fascinated by the simplest things 

because now that i’ve seen this much 

the simplest things only make me cry

Sometimes I wonder if those are the stars I see

Or just the dust on my lenses

same old

it’s been a blur


the colours, they burst and pulsate and fade all too quickly

the screams and laughter, they’ve diminished to a steady beat

but is this not how the system works

i’m only starting to get used to things

the moments of calm instead of erratic heartbeats

the unexpected beauty in neutrality

all i can say is

i guess routine has kicked in

and prevailed again