I write & shoot (photographs) occasionally

Month: April, 2014


Don’t worry now

If your stars haven’t crossed

Because there will come a time in orbit

When everything will collide


We are like tiny individual stars lost in space

That altogether make up a massive galaxy

day zero

Holy Light

In our hands, the lights 

Burned through the night

A fire divided into flames

But not dimmed in power or might

In the Square under the Stars

It’s another world

Lying back and watching the stars 

Dim points of light shining through a violet darkness

Watching the night run by


It’s another world

Staring up at endless entities infinitely larger than you  

Forgetting the world

And letting the world forget you


It’s another world

To close your eyes

And find only the same scene when you open them again

Because the darkness exists not just in us

But also above 

With the stars 




What is it about the present

That makes it so difficult to seek refuge in?

Too often we find ourselves 

Unconsciously lapsing back into happier memories

Floating away and untethering ourselves 

From the reality at hand 

And I guess that is the hard thing to face-

The plain, unconcealed reality of the present 

It’s 2014 now

So stop writing 2013 in the dates

The past is something now

That is too far away to be found 

dearest dawn

By the sea and the mysterious waters beyond 

The chilly breeze captured the distant city lights 

And the truth in your eyes

As the first tinges of radiance crept into the corners of the midnight sky

I could see that you were no longer fighting for a better future 

But for the dawn, ever so near

And despite everything

Ever so dear



One day

Even the strongest walls will fall

And the most carefully crafted facades will crumble to pieces 

It matters not how hard we try to make our hearts like stone 

Because ultimately 

We are beings of flesh 

And weakness will shine through all

What lies between

When you’ve seen and believed them 

Long enough

The lies begin to take on

An uncanny life of their own


When you’re wide awake on the other side of the universe 

Don’t be blinded by this life 

Remember dear, that the city lights are not the stars

They shine bright for you

But die as quickly as the nights pass

The real stars

Lie hidden beyond plain lights 

But with the essence of radiance 

They explode where soundlessness unites