I write & shoot (photographs) occasionally

Month: May, 2014


Emotions running high on electric guitar riffs, soul alive with crowded insanity. Spotlights gyrate like the throbbing mass; splash red on the wall and reflect blue in wild eyes. Repetitive screams echo throughout the hall; hit the floor at different intensities and frequencies; form a discordant sound that in itself accentuates.

A collection of strangers gathered in a night of music. The blood running through my veins pulsates; the excitement pumps me up.



I always wondered

About a limit out of sight

How much breath can a balloon take before it bursts?

How many steps can you walk before your physical condition renders you immobile? 

How many days of no rain can a flower take before it wilts and dies?

These desert conditions are so trying

Because how many times will it take of being used 

How many nights of frustration working alone

How many tries of you being the only one trying

Does it take to break a good soul?


She slept in the field, the grassy plains

Hair blazing around her head like a dark flame 

The stars sheltered her; protectors of night

Pinpoints through darkness, they upheld the light


The wildflowers grew around her

Through her hair and above her head

Beautiful tiny buds; the first signs of life


Growth threaded through flowing black locks

Like divers through inky seas

As the canopy of flowers formed for her

A new sky

Fire and Ice

She was yesterday’s autumn 

And today’s winter spell

As the crimson leaves turned brown

She awaited death’s bell

Spring and summer

How fast they swept by

The offering of hope

To her they would deny

It’s fall once more

As her fire burns out

In wintry gore

Dead ashes beneath snow

it’s been too long

The lids on my eyes droop 

And fall further

I don’t see the organic stars that shine

Nor the artificial city lights that blind

Waiting is a long time

And I’m not quite sure what to see anymore

Because looking at something for too long-

Everything eventually becomes meshed together

Mixed in the most dizzying myriad of surprising clarity

It’s a blur

It’s too bright and too dark

It’s too late and too cold

It’s been too long



Don’t give me a hand-me-down of your broken self 

Begging for rescue when you’re in shards of past experiences 

Fix yourself 

And don’t say you can’t when we all do

Tears have must have blinded and blurred your eyes

To have let you miss 

The cracks that hide in our fitted fragments


Eventually you must come to realise

That our smiles are but fragile porcelain lifted by lies

In the Bright gloom

My dear

It is day that shall soon be night

Don’t forget 

That this light is short-lived


Don’t get caught up in the moment 

With all the beautiful smiles

For when darkness comes

Change will take but a while


Don’t forget

That when people laugh

It is the practised sound of concealed sorrow

There is a thin line between joy and grief

Laugh with them but never believe


Don’t forget

That darkness exists behind the sun

This temporal radiance

Will finally give way to an everlasting dawn


Yesterday the tears rolled down her face

The sweat stains and mud did they erase

Tracing memories of unmarked dirt paths

And feet that ran free in the settling dust


Today all I see in her silhouette

Is the hardened metropolitan skyline

The reflection of city lights in her eyes

Vague notions of once upon a time