A Love Letter To:

by mandaceehb

When we meet

It won’t be love at first sight- I know it

No sparks will fly

But a spark of curiosity will

Ignite like a dying flame desperately trying to rise again

Call it what you may

Call it hope


In your eyes

I will see oceans and skies

Your experiences will show me how they’ve

Flown and drowned

But in mine, so dark

I think you will see a lost soul

I don’t know

I will wonder what you see in mine

I will wonder what you see in me


We will get to know each other first

Maybe just a little

Because I could never love a stranger

I imagine awkward conversations in crowded coffee shops

Dates that we won’t call dates

I will hope that you genuinely like coffee

Not just pretending for me


When we touch

Our hands won’t fit perfectly like the books say

It will be a slippery mess

My palm will glisten with perspiration

Streams of fear and nervousness and joy


But maybe yours will be warm and strong

Tethering me

And that would be enough, to just

Not let go

Heart line, head line, life line, fate line

I don’t have a fate line

I will wonder what we could be


We will hug

And you won’t smell of cologne or aftershave

Or mint or fresh grass or pine

Because I don’t know where those scents come from

You will smell of sweat

And maybe of my old tears



When we kiss

It won’t be under the Eiffel Tower

Because things aren’t orchestrated like that

Maybe there will be light

Maybe there will be darkness

But our lips will meet somewhere in between what we know and what escapes us

Somewhere that echoes you and me


It won’t be sweet

Laced with drool and nerves and awkwardness and remnants of dinner

Maybe our teeth will knock

Or our lips draw blood

But please don’t eat ice-cream for me

Please don’t eat ice-cream for me


When we live

It could be anywhere

But I was born of the city

And it would take time to cultivate The Countryside

However beautiful and serene the unpolished way I like things

Let the mud and grime gather under my nails

Just promise me that it won’t be blood-

Yours or mine


I will promise to follow you

If you show me the way to the stars

And the way to the earth too


When we die

That is saying one of us

The oceans and skies in your eyes

Will meet their sweet demise

A million billion trillion other molecules and atoms of

Water will weep for you

Air will carry my tears


The lost soul in mine

Would close her eyes

And hope that you now see home

I hope that you now see home