by mandaceehb

Don’t cover me in a cloak of praise

It’s not winter here

I don’t deserve to drown in sweet nothings that are exactly what they speak of

Don’t tell me to hide my face under lines and waves

Just let me be the way I am

Washed out and swept away by the tides of your tongue

Don’t give me glass slippers for my feet

They shatter too easily like the fine words you speak

I’m far too clumsy for this fragility


Instead, let me run barefoot on broken shards of green-gold sand

Remnants of drunken nights in alcoholic frenzies where it never dawned on blood-speckled grains

The sun will spill on my bare shoulders, too dark to be radiant but glowing all the same

Basking in naked freedom as the pure sweat runs down my face

A clear palette to an artist’s disdain


Leave me uncovered beneath the sun and the stars

Drain my veins of this gilded blood that runs deep in the crevices and creeks 

Of our beautiful meadow; tailored flowers and weeds


Love me for my gnarled roots and chapped lips

Love me raw