A salesman for love

by mandaceehb

I think I lost my tear glands at yesterday’s jumble sale

When I was haggling over prices with you-

It cost so much for a heart of stone but you were unrelenting

I still bought it in the end; I just had to


Your stock was really of quite remarkable variety

I browsed through the racks of lies available in every shade and hue (not only white)

They were pretty and intricately woven but I added none to my basket because Mum felt the fabric with her fingers

And whispered to me under her breath:

It’s artificial silk


The deep corners featured 90 percent discounts on sunset meals, starry nights and warm embraces

Sappy movies, 2am chats and kisses in autumn

Matching engraved necklaces and rotting bouquets for no more than 5 pennies

You lured me in with freebies: electric sparks and fantasies


And I remember telling myself

That I would buy them all

If only their replicas weren’t already lying in my home