by mandaceehb

Do you remember

The 24th letter of the alphabet you learnt when you were 3 (X)

The multiplication sign you learnt when you were 7 (×) (it also looked like an inverted addition sign [+] to you then)

The Roman numeral for 10 you learnt when you were 12 (X)


Do you remember

The blush that invaded your cheeks

The first time you saw cross-backed straps (x) peeping through a girl’s shirt

After that you were never the same


Do you remember

That 17 August (X) on your calendar that you forgot

xxx- redemptions that were once worth the world

But each kiss bleeding ink feels more wrong than the next

People don’t write letters anymore, do they?

You were at a crossroads (X) when you were 16

But you’ve moved on since then


Do you remember

The wrong target you hit spot-on (X)

The major mistake (X) your teachers foretold in red

You left it behind when you were 18


And she’s still here

Because she told you not to hang X’s on the skeleton of kites

They will float but never fly free

xxx=30: she learnt this when you were 12

And she’s still waiting because you promised 30

A mistake waiting to be rectified