1, 2, 3

by mandaceehb

Don’t close your eyes

Don’t you worry

I will make this as easy for you as you once promised everything would be, like



Walk on the tightrope, keep your head high, don’t look down

I don’t need a balancing pole when your pinky is wrapped around mine and

It’s the weight of our promise against the world

But now I’m alone and 

I don’t feel safe treading this rope of insecurities on my own


I want so badly to look back

But you tell me not to

When I reach the other end I cheat

And there you are beaming back at me



We are falling apart

Like the frantic words preceding the climax of a story

You used to love surprise endings the most, like a static scream that pierces the heart

You wrench your finger away from mine

And one second later everything explodes



I will avoid you in trains and in the streets

As you glow in the presence of new souls with a light

That casts away yesterday’s shadows


The carriages that rumble along aged tracks will never again creak our names or echo expired laughter

But I’ll be here if you tire from the polished gleam

To seek refuge in the oil stains and

Dead rust flakes of today’s dream