A Detailed Study of Lovebugs

by mandaceehb


A lovebug is an insect that has four legs (or two arms and two feet, depending on how you look at it). They are found in all places around the world, being perfectly adaptable to most climates that are not extreme (spring, summer, autumn, winter), and do not have striking characteristics such as coloured spots or stripes to mark themselves by (although they can definitely choose to wear leopard prints if it were the hottest trend of the season). In fact, no two lovebugs look the same, which is why they always manage to take victims by surprise. The pool of prey is as heterogeneous as the predators themselves.

Although most insects are plant-eaters, lovebugs are hunters and they spin webs (of lies) more skillfully than spiders do to trap their prey. Sometimes, the intricate webs they create are so beautiful that it is the ignorant victims who seek their own death, captivated by the glowing threads of silver silk. Highly unusually for insects, lovebugs, like some mammals, practice territorial marking, namely through leaving marks and scratches (red eyes and haunted expressions) behind in their domains. Other predators usually avoid the marked areas after identifying the work of the lovebugs, and they move on to hunt other prey.

Lovebugs are extremely patient creatures, and they can spend prolonged periods of time (months and years) on hunting the same victim to completely devour it. They suck their prey to the last drop of blood before moving on, and the cycle repeats.