‘I love you’

by mandaceehb

This is how the words

Feel like on my lips



Mouth opens in a breathless gasp

For air

Just as how


Every beginning can be


A kite that has just learnt to fly

Is unlikely to

Give up

Its place among the clouds

It flaps wild wings

It rises on every

Wisp of wind



Tongue flicks briefly

Against the roof of your mouth

Teeth slip past wet lips

Speak with conviction and


Maybe your flesh will bear bite marks


You think that maybe if

You drink sugar

Live and breathe in

Clouds of saccharine dreams

The bitterness will not taste quite as

Blatant but

The black coffee tastes

Like the nastiest nightmare in your mouth



Mouth closes

Lips narrow

A steady stream of air flows through like a

Haunting last note

It ends smaller than

It began

A bare whisper

After that the silence seems to last forever


You sit on the couch

So comfortable it has become


Waiting for a reply to the

Days old voicemail message that has sailed off on electric currents

No reply no reply no reply maybe it is lost at sea

The phone slick with grimy perspiration


Out of your grasp

It crashes into the stale cup

Upon which hopeful fingerprints were once


Now they are


As the coffee deforms them

And the porcelain fragments


The liquid bubbles out to form an amorphous dark monster


You look down at your stained shoes

The stars are at your feet