by mandaceehb

The bubbles of soap skim across my skin

Washing away dust, dirt, sweat, blood

But the scars remain

Railway tracks that cannot ever travel

Except into darker memories


Razor wheels cut into flesh rolling deeper, deeper

And beads of blood balance and reflect your eyes

Once upon a time you held shimmering beads in your hands and you built

Sandcastles with them

Today they fall into pristine basins like tears used to fall from your eyes

Today your eyes are too dry to moisturize


But no

Please put away the blade

There must have been once when hope lived in your life

There are people who love you, people you haven’t met who will grow to love you with their lives

Things you haven’t loved, bright lives you haven’t lived

Places you’ve never been, happiness you haven’t seen


Recall the dimmest memory of hope

Dig deep beneath the tears you’ve shed and the life you’ve bled

Beneath the insults and cruel words and the fissures sustained

You’ve buried the beam of light; it wants so desperately to live


Please remember hope, because it remembers you