by mandaceehb

The great divides run down our classroom

Chasing our hopes of a more fulfilling school life away

but 15 souls compressed into a jar will ultimately seep out of walls

so long broken

We told ourselves that the hairline cracks in our windows were our roots growing out and the class lunches pushed on relentlessly

But eventually we realised

that the cheery canteen was too much for our dreary pretense

Amid souls more genuinely glowing

The lights of hope flickered on and off like faulty laser displays

And like moths we were drawn to different suns and different crowds

We stitched our torn wings together with pathetic assurances in the dream of constructing a fuller illusion

But the lights died just as temporal fireworks display fizzle out

and we are left hanging where we are

Here and there or nowhere at all

Unfilled blanks in an ebullient storm