growing up

by mandaceehb

I am afraid of

the dazzling life

Goblets scream soprano notes as two strangers connect for a second

In them bloody seas of conscious intoxication;

sometimes people have a death wish by drowning

Neon lights spring off waterfalls of sweat

cascading off cliffs of weary faces

Underlined by self-applied wrinkles of rouge and smudged wings

Bodies stick as stilettos scuffle with checkered dancefloors

And songs like punctuated gunshots ring in ears already accustomed to explosions


The clock strikes 3

And people keel over, humans collapsed like casualties in a war

People become non-people, losing every touch of human sanity

Drugged on air and shrill laughter and entertainment of the topsy-turvy universe

Trying to walk on straight lines they can’t even see

Heads throbbing and spinning like in carousel dreams

And through it lose every

shred of dignity