4 September 2014

by mandaceehb

The evening silence is beautiful as I

recall the blessings that have graced me today

Toasting creamy cupcakes like pink champagne,

we derive joy in our own small ways

It is the unity and togetherness that gets to me

The cool breeze of the morning clouds as she steers me away from what I only at that moment suspect to be true

The cake waits as the candles do

The song sings as my heart flows to the consistency of melting wax

The smoke clears the gloomy days and the isolated silences fall away

Now their voices mould and rise like an untouchable wave if only in this moment I will remember


Yet later what touches me most is the tender truth that tumbles from your stiff lips

impregnated with the pauses of sincere difficulty like the minute gaps that we have easily allowed habits to fill

I know you enough to know how much you had to overcome inside to speak these words

but your words ascribe too much nobility to my actions

because this is simply what is

a friend